Our Highlighted Success Stories


Meet Nova, the silly Husky who discovered her forever family through TheDoodPack Rescue's help! With her beautiful coat, striking blue eyes, and deeply affectionate nature, Nova charmed her way into the hearts of a loving couple at one of our adoption events. Her Adoption Success Story is a testament to TheDoodPack's commitment to the pets we come across. Thanks to TheDoodPack, Nova is now cured of heartworm disease and thriving in a home full of love, laughter, and playtime!


Meet Piper, the sweet Newfiedoodle, who found her forever home through TheDoodPack’s rescue efforts! Piper's shy yet endearing charm captivated a family who became familiar with TheDoodPack through Luna's adoption. Now, Piper and Luna are cherished cousins! Witnessing Piper's gradual transformation as she gains comfort and confidence within her new family fills our hearts with immense joy! She a testimony to the 3/3/3 rule in rescuing… 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months!


After capturing hearts with his infectious energy and affection, we're overjoyed to announce that Rocky has found his forever family! This playful goofball has endless adventures and cuddles ahead, as he embarks on a new chapter filled with love and joy. But that's not all—Rocky's new home includes another Doodle companion, and together, they're learning to share all the love! We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who shared his story and helped make this adoption possible. Rocky's journey is a shining example of the incredible impact love and compassion can have on the lives of animals in need. Cheers to Rocky and his new family, as they create countless cherished memories together!


Meet Marilyn, the 4-year-old Great Dane with a heart as vast as her stature. Marilyn's journey with TheDoodPack led her to a loving GirlPack—a mother and her two sweet daughters—who embraced her with open arms! Marilyn's forever home provides the space she needs to thrive, matched with the commitment of her new family to her well-being. Her Adoption Success Story is a testament to love and dedication, showcasing the magic of finding the perfect match. Marilyn is another gleaming example of TheDoodPack's commitment to all pets, regardless of breed or size!


Meet Sierra, the spirited Husky pup who found her perfect match thanks to TheDoodPack! With boundless energy and a heart full of love, Sierra captured the hearts of a loving family seeking a Husky companion. It couldn't have been a better match! Her Adoption Success Story is a testament to resilience and the power of second chances. From facing the risk of euthanasia to thriving in a home filled with love and warmth, Sierra's journey is truly inspirational and drives our rescue efforts!


Meet Luna, our silly rescue Doodle, marking our twelfth successful adoption in 2023! Luna's journey embodies the heartwarming stories we've encountered since launching our rescue efforts, showcasing the transformative power of love and care. We're eager to continue our mission of finding forever homes for pets like Luna through trauma-free, home-based rescue efforts!

Ali's Success Story

Meet Ali, the charming 9-year-old Maltipoo, whose adoption through TheDoodPack Rescue reminds us that our senior pups need rescuing too! His resilience and loving nature captured the heart of a senior dog advocate and passionate pet lover. Now in his perfect home, Ali thrives in the affectionate environment, showered by love, and gets along brilliantly with his new furry friends. Dedicated to ensuring Ali lives out the best of his golden years, it's safe to say Ali has found his forever home, marking a heartwarming chapter in TheDoodPack's adoption success stories.

Floki's Success Story

Meet Floki, one of TheDoodPack's DoodCats! Surrendered to us to ensure she received the love and attention she deserves, Floki's instant connection with her mom was further solidified by the warm introduction to Banks, the family dog. In her new home, Floki not only thrives but embraces new adventures, learning to walk on a leash and exploring every nook and cranny with her curious spirit. At TheDoodPack, our mission goes beyond Doodles, Poodles, and Oodles—we're dedicated to bringing joy and love to all pets, and Floki's journey is a testament to that commitment.

Dutch's Success Story

Meet Dutch, the Belgian Malinois with a heart that matches the size of the city he was born in—New York City! His journey with TheDoodPack began when his first pet parent recognized that city life wasn't providing him with the stimulation he needed and deserved. Facing a tough decision, she reached out to TheDoodPack to ensure Dutch found the perfect home, one that met the specific needs of his breed. One that had a yard and space to run and keep him stimulated! In the caring hands of TheDoodPack, it didn't take long to discover the ideal match for Dutch! His FUR-ever family, filled with optimism, showed unwavering commitment and tailored their care to meet the unique needs of Dutch and his breed. This Adoption Success Story showcases the strength of love, dedication, and prioritizing a pet's well-being. Dutch isn't just a happy member of his new family; he's thriving and vibrant, surrounded by the care and affection he truly deserves.

Mako's Success Story

Mako's journey with TheDoodPack began with a longing for a second chance at happiness. Fortunately, he found that and more in a loving family eager to make his senior years truly special. In his new home, Mako has two devoted sisters who have embraced him with open hearts, ensuring his days are filled with joy, snuggles, and playful moments. Mako's story highlights the beauty of adopting older dogs, showcasing the incredible bond that can blossom when compassion meets companionship. A heartfelt thank you to his wonderful family and supporters who continue to make these happy endings possible!


We're thrilled to highlight the heartwarming success stories from our 'DoodCats' adoption program, all thanks to your unwavering support. Ms. Black (now Picatta), the charming all-gray DoodCat, found her perfect home in sunny Tampa, thanks to TheDoodPack's assistance. Ms. Pink, once a timid gray runt, transformed into a loving companion, and her unique journey led her to a special home. Ms. Green (now Sushi) and Ms. Blue (now Kimchi), an inseparable gray kitten duo, embarked on a new adventure together as a birthday present to a wonderful family. And then there's Gus, the charming orange kitten who found his forever home with TheDoodPack, continuing to be a source of joy and inspiration for all of us. Your support has made a world of difference in their lives and ours. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!