Adopt One of Our Doods!

Our Mission

At TheDoodPack our mission is fueled by the journeys of our very own rescue pups — Parker and Rory. Parker, a misunderstood two-year-old Husky, narrowly escaped euthanasia after multiple shelter returns. Anthony and Paul changed his fate by welcoming him into their family and TheDoodPack. Within hours, Parker's transformation showcased the power of second chances, proving that love conquers hardships.

Shortly after Parker, Rory, a tiny Doodle, joined us. Her initial family realized the commitment of a puppy and entrusted her to our care. Rory, our first foster turned foster-fail, embodies the lifelong commitment to pet adoption. Her spirited personality and journey emphasize the importance of understanding the responsibility that comes with bringing a furry friend into your home.

Inspired by Parker and Rory, TheDoodPack is committed to providing fresh starts for pets in need. Join us in this mission, where every rescued pet becomes part of a community rooted in love, compassion, and second chances. Together, let's ensure that every furry friend finds their pack!